Saturday, March 12, 2011

Clyde Angel "Big Angel on Location" and another one.

According to the story, Clyde Angel lived alone in a forest but would show up at the welder's workshop with a sack full of metal scraps, tin cans, bottle caps, and other rusted objects. He'd use the welder's equipment to fashion the junk into wall sculptures—images of people and animals, often decorated with torch-cut poetic writing and mystical symbols.

"If I am seen, the magic will leave. If I am seen, people will want more than I am. Gets in the way of the art. The artist would die . . . From before too many things bad and I won't let them happen again. You don't need to see me to know exactly what's inside of me. Hear this and know it. My art will go out there. I am my art."

From the collection of Kelly Ludwig

And another one.......

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