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Feb 19, 2011

Dear Mattieu, 
I can't even believe you apologized to me for the delay in getting back to me! 
You said: "between the revolution here and the chaos"
I hope you know how much you are admired around the world. We went to bed Thursday night so concerned and hoping Friday would be okay. And when we woke we were so relieved to see that peace prevailed. Thank-you to you and all your comrades. 
Now, we pray that things will continue to improve for you and the others who have been inspired by your struggle.   
Very best to you! ckb - usa

from Cairo:

Feb 16,2011
Hi Christine, I wanted to thank you so much for the spotlight for "Fallen Angel". I apologize for it taking me so long to notice, between the revolution here and chaos,and the fact that jpgmag "still" doesnt inform me when I have been spotlighted, I missed it. I am so honored you chose this image. I was shooting this summer in a poor area of Mu-iz Street, and on my way back glanced over an iron fence and saw this man, laying as you see him, and had time for one capture. I have to be very careful shooting in these poor and conservative neighborhoods, so one snap and I kept walking down to catch a taxi home, and in the back of my mind kept hoping and praying a photographers prayer,lol, that it was in focus!Well, when I saw the image, it was exactly as I had seen it. I hope you dont mind me telling you about the image, again, I am honored you selected it for spotlight! Mattieu

more beautiful photographs from Mattieu

original post 2/11/11
This photo taken by Mattieu Besson just weeks before the revolution in Egypt.

"Seen and captured along the street in Cairo, Egypt..."
December 2010

"....there is something in the soul that cries out for freedom." MLK
2/11/11 spoken by Barack Obama

"Fallen Angel"
it is a new day

by Mattieu Besson 

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  1. Christine Kiebert-Boss

    I didn't know he was in Cairo. Total coincidence with the timing.

    Really amazing.