Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Angels of the 6th Sky and the 7th Sky"

Muhammad passed through seven heavenly realms. In the First Sky he saw Adam being shown the souls of his descendents both good and bad. In the Second Sky he saw Jesus and John, son of Zachariah. In the Third Sky he saw the handsome Joseph, son of Jacob. In the Fourth Sky he saw Idris, the prophet from before the flood. In the Fifth Sky he saw Moses' older brother, Harun, with his long white beard. In the Sixth Sky Muhammad met a tall man with a hooked nose and Gabriel said it was Moses. In the Seventh Sky Muhammad saw an old man in a seat by the gate to Paradise where 70,000 angels pass through each day but do not return until Judgment Day. Gabriel identified him as Abraham. Gabriel then took Muhammad into Paradise where he spoke to God.

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